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Infinity New Tab #1 alternative

Hey there! Looking to level up your new tab experience? Infinity New Tab is cool and all, but I believe Anori can do better. Let me try to convince you.


Add unlimited timezones for free!

While Infinity only lets you save bookmarks and search the web, Anori takes things to a whole new level. With Anori, you get a wide range of widgets to compose your own start page. From bookmarks to todos, calendar to notes, world time to weather forecast, and even top sites and recently opened tabs, Anori has it all! It's like having a personal dashboard right on your new tab page.

Organize better

Organize your widgets into folders

In Anori you can organize all your widgets into custom folders. Personally, I love this feature. As a freelancer, I use it to organize widgets related to active projects. Here are a few ideas for how you can use folders:

  • To separate work-related and personal widgets
  • For designers, to have a separate folder for resources
  • For entrepreneurs, to have separate folders for development and marketing weeks
  • For students, to have a separate folder for each class

Color for every mood

8 different color schemes for you to choose from

Infinity has quite cool wallpapers. But it's only wallpapers, Anori has eight color schemes, which fully transform the extension. Green, blue, pink, blue again (it's different!), slate, oragne, red, and cerulean.

Privacy first

Anori takes user privacy seriously. There are details about how Anori handles your data. TLDR: Anori doesn't spy on you. How this compares to Infinity? Here's a little secret between you and me. Infinity tracks your behavior in the extension and send it to Google Analytics. And you know what reputation Google has...

Have I convinced you?